Cutii jonctiuni optice CLOSURES cilindrice pt exterior etanse 24 suduri, 4 intrari rotunde + 1 intrare ovala

Cutii jonctiuni optice CLOSURES cilindrice pt exterior etanse 24 suduri, 4 intrari rotunde + 1 intrare ovala

The product:
1. The fiber optic splice closure consist of cover, pedestal, splice tray, hoop, optical cable storage box(only ribbon cable provided). the splice tray has two different types A and B.
A. ribbon splice tray. The maximum capacity 144 cores per tray
B. single fiber splice tray. The maximum capacity 24 cores per tray
2. The splice closure provide an elliptical port, which can hold two stick optical cables.
3. The cable entry ports are sealed with heat shrinkable tube.
4. This is single fiber splice closure, it provide with one elliptical port and 4 round ports.
Max.capacity :single fiber 96 cores, ribbon:576 cores

The total length outer diameter eliptical port round port
557 cover hoop Short axis Long axis φ19
  154 226 48 68

The product is available for aerial,underground, duct-mounting

1. fixture for fixing on the pole

2. branch card

3. heat shrinkable tube

4. hoop

5. seal ring

6. heat shrinkable sleeve

7. nylon tie

8. earthing wire

9. adjustable retainer for fixing on the pole

10. marking not

11. sand paper

12. exposed wire protective sleeve

13. fixture for fixing on the wall

Optical cable installation

1. saw the entry port for easy inserting the optical cable.

2. clean the dust and other stains on the optical cable (about 1.8m) with clean cloth.

3. insert the optical cable into entry port

Optical cable preparation

1. Strip the protective sheath of optical cable, clean the fillings. On the loose tube, cut off reinforced core which 75mm away From the sheath slice.

2. cut loose tube ,which 35mm away from the cable slices, clean the grease on the optic fiber, insert the fiber into the exposed wire protective sleeve.

3. insert reinforced core into reinforced core fixing screws, and press it tightly, cut off surplus part.

Elliptical port sealing

1. clean the elliptical port and protective sheath with paper or cloth.

2. abrade the elliptical port and protective sheath, then clean the leavings.

3. put heat shrinkable tube 3(b) on the elliptical port then paste a mark on the optical cable which on bottom of the tube.

4. paste another mark 5mm away from the first mark

5. wind the heat alumimun screen around the optical fiber from the second mark.

6. when install second optical cable, please choose heat shrinkable tube according to the size of cable, and insert branch card. (remarks: insert all branch card into heat shrinkable tube)

7. heat the shrinkable tube, until the mucus sliding from the two cables.

Optic fiber installation

1. every splice tray can hold maximum 24 fibers, the margin of the tray can hold 2 sticks exposed fiber protective sleeve,

2. cut off surplus protection sleeve,and fix the protection sleeve on the fiber splice tray with nylon tie.

Optic fiber connecting and storage.

1. connect optic fiber according to the connection requirements.

2. set the splices in the tray grooves, surplus fibers coiled in the tray.

3. check the fibers,and put transparent cover on ,fix it on the splice tray.

Splice closure installation

1. put the cover on the pedestal and seal them with hoop

2. pole-mounting please choose accessories 1 and 9

3. wall-mounting please choose accessories 13