Offline UPS with AVR, 1000VA LCD

Offline UPS with AVR, 1000VA LCD

UPS offline 1000VA LCD, 230V/50Hz, Protectie scurt, interfata RS232

Microprocessor-based digital control.
Wide input voltage and frequency window.
Boost and buck AVR.
Automatically distinguishing output frequency .
LCD display and audible alarm features.
Automatically charging battery in UPS off mode.
Self-diagnosis on startup.
Cold start.
Lightning and surge protections.
Short circuit and overload protections.
Compatible with generators.
Cut off when no load connected.
Intelligent battery management.
Battery capacity and load capacity display.

   VA Rating .: 1000VA
   Real Power Rating : 600W

   Voltage : 100/110/120/220/230/240V±25%
   Frequency: 50/60Hz±10%

   AVR: Yes
   Voltage: 100/110/120/220/230/240V±10%
   Wavefom: Sine Wave(Mains); Square Wave(Inverter)
   Frequency: AC Mode: Track the Utility   Battery Mode: 50±0.5Hz/60±0.5Hz
   Short Circuit Protection: AC Mode:FUSE; Battery Mode:Shutdown Immediately and Switch to Fault Mode
   Crest Factor: 3:1(Max)
   Transfer Time: Typical Value 2~7 ms; Max: 10ms
   Socket: German type

   Battery Type: Sealed Lead-Acid, Maintenance-Free
   DC Voltage: 24V
   Configuration: 2x7AH/12V
   Charge Current: 350mA~1.2A
   Backup Time(Full Load): ≥3 Min
   Surge Protection: 320 Joules
   Communication: RS232
   Audible Noise(at 1m): 320 Joules

   Temperature: 0~40°C
   Rlative Humidity: 0%-90%(non-condensing)
   Storage Temperature: -25~40°C
   Dimension (WxDxH)mm: 390x125x226